NPQs to be fully funded for all state funded schools

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News - 12th Oct 2021

Following an announcement from the Department for Education, the School-Led Network is pleased to announce that all National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) will now be fully funded for all teachers and leaders employed in state funded schools as well as state funded organisations that offer 16-19 places in England.

The School-Led Network was appointed as a National provider of the new suite of NPQs in March 2021 and encompasses Harris Leadership College, NETSP, Newcastle University, Outwood Institute of Education and Star Institute.  Together, these organisations share a vision of a school-led system with a culture of professional learning within and between schools that drives school improvement and ensures that all pupils can achieve beyond expectations.

Sir Dan Moynihan, Chief Executive of Harris Federation said:

We are pleased with the announcement from the Secretary of State that all National Professional Qualifications will now be fully funded for all state schools.  The School-Led Network National Professional Qualifications are designed using the considerable expertise we have built collectively and will transform the professional development of staff in schools.


The suite of National Professional Qualifications are a truly innovative way for teachers and educators to progress and continue their development. We look forward to working with participants and supporting their learning, as we all aim to improve the education provided in the classroom to the leaders of tomorrow.

The reformed suite of NPQs is available for teachers and leaders who want to develop their knowledge and skills in school leadership and specialist areas of teaching practice, transforming professional development in schools.

All programmes apply a ‘see it, name it, do it’ as an organisational structure for scaffolding learning to the point of mastery. The model is a highly applied and personalised approach coined by the internationally renowned Leverage Leadership Institute. The approach goes beyond theory to enable leaders to practise and refine their skills using models of exemplary practice and formative assessment alongside experiential learning.

Our programmes will provide practical, evidence-based leadership development by today’s school leaders, for tomorrow’s school leaders. Our NPQs are designed and delivered by leaders from some of the UK’s most successful schools who exemplify practical excellence in school leadership, teaching, behaviour and teacher development.

The suite of NPQ programmes comprises three specialist NPQs - NPQ in Leading Teaching, NPQ in Leading Teacher Development and the NPQ in Leading Behaviour and Culture.  It also includes the NPQ in Senior Leadership, NPQ Headship, an NPQH Additional Support Offer for Headteachers (ASO) and an NPQ in Executive Leadership.  The full suite of NPQ programmes will now be fully funded for all state schools.  Participants can apply to commence these programmes in two cohorts commencing in November 2021 or February 2022.

With all NPQs now fully-funded, it allows schools to reflect on how the programmes can add value for staff at different stages of their leadership journey; the Additional Support Offer for new headteachers is a long-awaited addition to the suite, providing practical and personalised support during those challenging early stages of headship.  The specialist NPQs each provide a mastery route for staff looking to hone their skills in a particular area – NPQLTD will build skills in developing others in all aspects of the teaching role by exploring which approaches to CPD are most effective and how to implement them successfully, NPQLBC will sharpen a leaders’ skill in improving classroom culture and behaviour management for every child, NPQLT focuses development on the skills needed to lead a subject or phase, looking at curriculum, assessment and classroom practice.

For participants who have already registered for an NPQ on the DfE system, and are currently self-funding, there will be an automatic check against the new funding criteria.  Where participants become eligible under the new criteria, funding status will be updated automatically and an email will be sent to inform participants they are now eligible for DfE NPQ scholarship funding. The relevant provider will be informed of this change, and those participants do not need to take any further action. These communications will be sent throughout the day on Tuesday 12 October.

Due to the announcement, the deadline for applications to commence in November has now been extended to Thursday 28th October 2021.

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