Delivery Partner FAQs

Programme Delivery

Do we have to deliver all of the programmes?

No, delivery partners can choose to deliver a selection of programmes or to alternate programmes across start points e.g. NPQLT in November and NPQLBC in February. However, we are looking for delivery partners that are planning to deliver at scale; delivering one programme is not possible.

Can we choose our own start dates?

No, there are fixed start dates that have been set by the Department for Education (DfE). The first cohort will start in November 2021 and the second will start in February 2022.

If there are COVID-19 related restrictions in place, will in-person delivery be postponed or delivered online?

All of our synchronous content is designed to be delivered online or in-person so if necessary, all sessions will be able to shift to online delivery and where possible the planned schedule should be maintained. If within parameters set by the DfE, decisions to postpone sessions due to COVID-19 restrictions will be at Delivery Partners discretion.

Participant Recruitment

Is there a minimum number of delegates for a viable cohort?

We recommend cohorts of at least 15 and would advise no fewer than 10 as smaller groups will impede discourse and peer learning. This decision sits with individual delivery partners, however, we are looking for partners that are planning to deliver at scale.

When will the application window open?

Applications are open for the November 2021 cohort across all programmes!

What is the participant cost for each programme and how much will Delivery Partners be paid?

The payment to Delivery Partners will depend on the partnership model - you can find out more about our partnership models by getting in touch. The partner payment for the ‘you lead, we support’ model is detailed below.

Programme Programme cost (per participant)  Payment to Delivery Partner
(per participant) 
NPQSL £995 £475
NPQH £1595 £775

 *NPQEL - This programme will be delivered centrally by consortium partners.

Training and Support

Will any training be provided?

Our onboarding programme includes facilitator training on our ‘See it, Name it, Do it’ model and other key skills, an online platform induction and programme briefings covering everything Delivery Partners and facilitators need to know.

How will you support participant recruitment?

Partners will receive a marketing toolkit with personalised assets including flyers and social media graphics, as well as support with webinars to enable you to spread the word about your programmes.

What support is in place for Delivery Partners?

All partners will be allocated a named contact with one of the consortium partners and, in addition to the training, partners will also receive a handbook with detailed guidance covering everything you need to know to operate as a School-Led Delivery Partner.

Delivery Partner Sign-Up

When is the next opportunity to Sign-up?

We’re always open to forming new relationships with Delivery Partners, please get in touch to arrange a chat.

How long do the Delivery Partner contracts last?

Delivery Partner contracts are linked to the DfE’s call off process and as such are renewed annually.

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